Nobody wins from a free quote

The quality of your build is an expectation, not a feature. Therefore the focus should be on delivering you, the client, your dream home and providing you with trust, safety and security through your entire building experience.  

This trust starts at the very beginning.

A builder who supplies you with a free quote, hasn’t fully committed to your project and hasn’t given your project their complete focus.  It won’t be overly accurate and wont contain a lot of detail.

Although you haven’t paid for a quote up front, it is highly likely that you will be the one out of pocket and will end up paying for it at the end, one way or another.  

You may find items missing, and that the information you do receive is not a true indication of the service and final product that you were hoping to achieve.  

ON THE OTHER HAND, the benefit in paying to receive a quote allows the builder to dedicate the necessary time to research and provide a detailed breakdown of all information required to complete your project. It initiates the TRUST component of your building relationship.

The document you have paid for should clearly identify and list the breakdown of all building components needed to complete your build, the various trades that will be involved, along with the specifics on your desired materials, finishes and fixtures. The investment figure that is included in this proposal should then be a pretty accurate indication on what you can expect to pay.

How can you be sure…… because the builder has taken the time to understand what it is you are wanting to achieve and then is delivering a proposal based on your needs, wants aspirations and desires. They aren’t taking a best guess approach.