The affect wet weather can have on your project

With Sydney’s fair share of recent wet weather, it has reminded us of the impact rain can have on a project.

Did you know that one days’ worth of rain, can lead to a three (3) day delay in your project? Imagine the impact a two week period of regular rain can have?

But wet weather can play a role in causing numerous problems to your job site. We have outlined some examples below:

1. ROOFING , for obvious reasons. If you are at a stage where the roof is off in preparation for a first floor addition or a re-roof, this can leave clients exposed and increases the chances of leaks in the event of wet weather. Although all attempts will be made by your builder to cover the exposed areas, a heavy down pour, or excess amounts of water can lead to water entering the premises.

2. POOLING OF WATER If the weather is wet enough that the ground is sodden and even the water rises slightly, this can cause problems with excavating basements and providing a dry environment in which to contain working. Often this leads to excess pooling of water and can require large sump pumps to be installed in order to attempt to remove water as quickly as possible and to allow building works to proceed.

3. PROJECT SCHEDULE DELAYS As noted above, delays caused by weather conditions are beyond the builder’s control, and could not have been anticipated at the beginning of your project. From experience, a days’ worth of rain can lead to a three day delay in your schedule, which causes  frustration for all involved. This snowball affect also impacts other trades (i.e. plumbers and electricians). Setting back the completion date isn’t something most builders want to do, but sometimes they are inevitable.

4. SAFETY, not only does wet weather have an impact on your project, it also possess a greater risks to your building team such as slips, trips and falls. These dangers are particularly evident when working in elevated positions such as on roofs, when using scaffolding, hand holds, stairs and ladders. In addition, the usage of “power tools”’ in the rain or wet condition can result in electrocution. 

Be sure to raise any concerns regarding wet weather with your builder.