Meet David Hall – Director of Pinnacle Building

Dave started his building career in 2000 when he commenced his carpentry and joinery apprenticeship. Following this, he worked alongside some reputable and well known builders in the area in order to develop and build on his skills and knowledge of the industry and trade.

In 2011, he undertook and completed his builders licence with the Master Builders Association. In the same year, he made the decision to establish his own business.

Rather than focusing solely on high-quality construction, Dave shifted his focus to finding out exactly what clients want from their journey. Dave believes, the client experience and relationship is the key to a memorable and successful project.

In addition, one of his main priorities is to ensure that he protects his team and helps them to develop and achieve their personal goals and aspirations. Dave considers his team family, and has created an exceptional working environment for all his members.

Outside of the business, Dave is a devoted family man who has three young children who adore him.

A licensed builder with more than 100 residential redevelopments to his name, Dave is one of the best in the industry, and Pinnacle Building is very lucky to have him.