Handy tips: Gutter Maintenance

When was the last time you checked your gutters to ensure they were clear from leaves, sticks and debris?

With the week of severe wind and wet weather that hit Sydney in September, we thought it was the perfect time to remind you of the important role our gutters play in preventing leaks as well as serious water damage to your property.

Water is tricky. It can get through the littlest cracks, and before you know it – the damage is already done.

Your gutters help collect rainwater and disperses it away from your home’s roof. This is why it is so important to maintain your gutters regularly. It is essential to clean them out to ensure the system does its job effectively and before a tiny leak turns into a flood.

Because traditional gutters are open, debris (such as leaves, dirt, twigs, branches, and more) will eventually build up. If you don’t check this and clean out on a regular basis, all this debris will begin to clog up, leading to water build up and eventually overflow.

This can then result in potential water leaks and damage to your property. In addition, the build-up of any dried leaf, sticks and other debris can also be a major fire hazard once the warmer weather hits.

As the home owner, It is your responsibility to either maintain, or hire a professional to help you.

Here are some handy tips for maintenance of your homes gutters:


# Working at heights and on ladders can be dangerous. Therefore before you start make sure you have everything you need, that way you don’t need to climb up and down.

# Equipment you will need – a ladder,  bucket, gloves and a garden trowel or similar. 


# Manually clean out leaves, sticks, debris etc using gloves and scoop out with a garden trowel into your bucket.

# Avoid using a hose to remove large piles of debris – it might clog up the down pipes.

# Once debris has been removed, if there’s any residual matter, then flush it out with your garden hose.

# Finally, clean down pipes by turning your hose on full blast and threading it into the opening.

Have you considered installing gutter guards?

PREVENTION IS KEY. The Pinnacle Team believes that prevention is the key to protecting your property in the long run. Perhaps you should consider installing gutter guards.  You can avoid clogged gutters by installing effective leaf guard systems.

If you are interested feel free to give us a call and we can put you in touch with an expert that could save you hours of ongoing maintenance.