How can we be sure that my building project will succeed?

As Members of the Master Builders Association we have the credentials, experience, the expert team and the reputation to successfully deliver quality residential projects beyond expectations. Furthermore, we have no hesitation in inviting you to contact and speak with our previous clients about their experience- with the added possibly of even seeing the homes that we were successfully responsible for.

Why should I pay for a written proposal when some builders I approached have offered me a free quote?

Offers of free quotes by other builders are renowned for not providing ALL the detail you really require. This can result in a substantial difference in Quote Price and Contract Price.

With a focus on your precise needs, our written proposals include an in-depth investigation of your site, your design vision and your expectation on fixtures and fittings. This process takes time which is why we ask for a small payment. If you proceed with us, we then deduct this cost from the contract. Ultimately what you get from us is a crystal clear and concise pricing structure, with no hidden cost so you can make an educated decision.

We’ve heard negative stories including being kept in the dark when it came to project progress and issues - even being dissuaded from entering the build site altogether! Is this normal?

While those instances may occur they certainly do not with us. Our approach relies on our belief that the client’s active role is central to the success of their project With our specialised, all-inclusive signature building system, you will be guided and assisted through every stage of the process. This includes allocating a Project Manager to each job, regular weekly catch-ups to address any client concerns, daily client updates via our Project Tracking Software and even the occasional BBQ on site.


Get your dream home project off to the best start by discussing your needs in detail with a personalised no-obligation consultation. A great way to establish a harmonious working relationship where we will listen intently, embrace your dreams and expected outcomes and cover the following:


Your design plans &/or aspirations.

Your key priorities for the project.

Your approximate budget allocations.

Your initial concerns you may have.